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In buildings, fly ash bricks are widely utilized. One such material that has grown in reputation over the last few years is known as fly ash bricks. Our fly ash bricks machine can produce bricks of uniform size and shape with good compressive strength. These bricks are robust, safe, strong, and versatile. It is even water-resistant, recyclable, and offers much less breakage.

The manufacture of fly ash bricks differs significantly from that of typical red bricks. Fly ash bricks are compressed at excessive pressure by the use of a fly ash bricks machine. Fly ash brick production offers a real supply of profitability.

Swilco Machine LLP, located in Morbi, Gujarat, India, is an authorized and leading manufacturer & exporter of fully automatic fly ash bricks machine. With high-quality fly ash bricks machines and equipment, We provide excellent workmanship and customer service. Our machine uses less labor and has a pick-and-place technology with an automatic stacking system. Our consistent delivery of world-class fly ash bricks machines and facilities has enhanced not just our reputation and customer base but has also offered us great satisfaction.

Furthermore, our fly ash bricks machine is divided into different machines, each with its own set of capabilities for producing fly ash bricks. Our Fully Automatic Fly Ash Bricks Machine is a model with excellent advantages such as easy operation, high quality, stability, and low running costs. It's made to meet a variety of client needs.

Along with these qualities, it's important to note that these fly ash bricks machine can be utilized to expand their scope of use to include different construction.


Clay soil is utilized to make normal red bricks, and then loose clay is dug up to 30cm and used in red bricks. Fly ash bricks, on the other hand, are composed of cement, fly ash and other materials.

Fly ash bricks are superior to clay bricks on every level. Fly ash bricks are quite good for the environment. When constructed with the most up-to-date method, fly ash bricks not only comply with numerous criteria but also significantly exceed them.

Fly ash, water, quicklime or lime sludge, cement, aluminum powder, and gypsum are the main ingredients for making fly ash bricks. The basic ingredients are mixed in the proper quantities for 4-5 minutes in a Pan mixer before being crushed. The bricks are pressured at high pressure in a fly ash bricks machine and dried for 24 hours outside in the sun. The compositions of these bricks can be varied to increase their strength.

Fly ash bricks are less expensive than clay bricks. A clay brick of the same size costs roughly Rs 6-9 per brick, whereas a fly ash brick costs around Rs 5-7 per brick. Builders may significantly reduce their construction expenses by using fly ash bricks.

Fly ash bricks are high-quality bricks that can be used for several projects. Fly ash bricks are often used in load-bearing external walls of small and medium-sized constructions such as factories, warehouses, power plants, and homes construction. Also, It is used for high-load-bearing exterior or interior walls in high-rise constructions.

A machine for making fly ash bricks might be costly. It is critical to investigate all of the associated costs before acquiring fly ash brick-producing equipment. The capabilities of a fly ash machine affect the cost of the equipment. The cost of a fly ash bricks machine can range from ₹ 10,00,000 to ₹ 30,00,000.